Turtle Alley ships Tuesday-Saturday. There is no shipping on federal holidays.

Shipping during the hot summer months is a dicey proposition. If it's over 75 degrees where you are, or where we are, it's not a great idea, and we won't guarantee the condition of your order if you plan to go ahead. You can order ice packs, and overnight shipping, and that may work fine, but please know:

Turtle Alley does not take responsibility for chocolates shipped during hot weather months, or any time the weather is too hot to ship (75 and higher). We don't want to add any more styrofoam to the planet, and are investigating hot weather shipping packaging that is earth-friendly.

Fudge and gummies can be shipped year round!

If you're unsure if it's a good time to ship, go ahead and place your order. We will contact you via email (please add yummy@turtlealley.com to your address book so we don't land in your spam filter!) to tell you when a good time to ship would be. Or, give us a call. We are happy to work with you as much as we can!