Outside of Turtle Alley Store In Gloucester, MA

Located in historic Gloucester, Massachusetts, Turtle Alley's reputation for warm, personal service and the finest, freshest hand-made chocolates is based on these simple principles: use natural ingredients, finest grades of chocolate, real butter, fresh cream, imported nuts and spices, and handcraft small batches for the freshest taste experience available anywhere. It's not just our motto, it's our mission.

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  • "True candy junkies trek to Turtle Alley for the fudgiest fudge, creamiest caramels, and richest truffles. The formula of imported nuts, brown sugar caramel, and buttery chocolate is simple, but the execution takes many mouth watering turns."


    Phantom Gourmet, January 2005

  • "Step into Turtle Alley and behold a fleet of candy turtles without peer. Big, knobby critters are made of dark, white, and milk chocolate; they are handmade, and each as unique as a snowflake, bristling with nuts that poke out from the caramel like multiple flippers from underneath the chocolate shell."


    ROADFOOD, June 2002

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