Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Hi Folks!

Just squeaking a post in by the end of the month.  Monthly, said I, so here we go!
Today is not just Halloween, but it is also the day we who love the Red Sox celebrate their amazing tromp of the Dodgers.  In LA, no less!  For myself, there just couldn't be sweeter news during an otherwise dismal news cycle.  Today a customer was in who said she'd just gotten off the train, with people going into Boston for the parade, and others going into Salem for Witch City's holiest of days.  "Actually", she said, "it was beautiful".Someone even called us by mistake (we share a number similar with the local hospital) today, and the lady on the other end told me she was watching the parade on the tv and got distracted, and boy, didn't that make a lot of people happy....

Thanks, fellas, we needed that.

In candyland, we have had yet another crazy October.  Our Salem shop has been hopping since the 1st.  What a great city in October!  We participated in the Bizarre Bazaar this year.  The weather was perfect, and the crowds were beyond enthusiastic.  Literally, people buying caramel apples out of the box as they were being delivered to the table!

We've been having a pretty good time keeping people in their sweets and spooky treats for the month, and now are getting ready for the lull that occurs at the start of each November, while folks finish off their left over Halloween candy.  No that there is a lack of things to do; we all know what month comes after November....
With that in mind, turtle doves, I'll sign off.  Caramellos will not wait.  Until next time:  Vote on November 6th, Kiss your family, Stay sweet.

PS: 47 harvested to date.  More on the way!

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