Aw, August, you've been such a pal!  Really!  There's no need to rush off!

Labor Day Weekend: the last 3 day hurrah of summer, here upon us once again.  The weather has been unseasonably warm here on the North Shore these past weeks, amplifying the disbelief that the season is winding down.  Not the best weather for chocolate making (or eating?? just soooo melty!), but we soldier on...

Living in Gloucester, Labor Day weekend is among my favorites, as it is the weekend for Schoonerfest.  My husband and I have sailed in it, sailed along with it, just soaked up the harbor as it fills with schooners, as well as boats of all kinds.  It's such a wonderful event for the city, and it's just grown so much in the past 34 years, really inspiring.  On Sunday morning when the Parade of Sail takes place, it's almost possible to imagine Gloucester Harbor as it once was, filled with fishing schooners back in the day.  Just love it.

There's all sort of other things going on in the city, too, not the least of which is a block party up on Main Street to kick the weekend off on Friday night.  What does this mean to you?  CRAZY SUPER FUN LABOR DAY HOURS IN THE GLOUCESTER SHOP! 

That's right, folks, shop early, shop late, no need to start that dreaded "back to school" (otherwise known as the "I hate pants") diet until this weekend is in the can!
Looks like the weather is going to be swell the whole time, so come and see us!

PS:  September and October are really pretty Salem - centric, so expect lots of news about our sister shop next month!

PPS:  latest tomato count:  39.  Still green.  Except for this one:

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