Due to the Coronavirus (as of August 21st 2021):

  • Fully vaxxed?  Masks recommended, not required. 
  • Not vaxxed?  wear a mask.  This is includes children not able to receive a vaccination.  No debate.
  • Open 11-5 Tuesday-Saturday  12-5 Sunday
  • there are no capacity limits
  • Due to short staffing, we are unable to take mail orders over the telephone during high volume holiday seasons
  • Repeated sanitizing & cleaning throughout the day
  • Hands-free sanitizers are available inside the door, and at each sales register
  • Credit card payments are completely touch-free

What's not different:

  • Our chocolates are still ridiculously fresh and tasty
  • We still take extra special care with your chocolates
  • We still love seeing your face (masked or unmasked!)
  • We still love serving you the sweetest treats we can make
  • We still appreciate each and every one of you for your continued patronage, patience, good humor, and passion for our products